Rubber Expansion Joint


Thermal growth, equipment movement, vibration or pressure pulsation may generate movement in a piping system. When this movement is not absorbed by the piping system itself, an expansion joint is the perfect solution.

A Rubber Expansion Joint is flexible connector fabricated of natural or synthetic elastomers, fluoroplastics and fabrics and, if necessary, metallic reinforcements used to absorb movements in a piping system while containing pressure and a medium running through it.

Rubber Expansion joints are fabricated with an elastomeric tube reinforced with multiple plies of fabrics covered with synthetic rubber. The inner tube is made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber or blend of synthetic rubber. The fabrics are Nylon, Polyester, Aramid or Kevlar. An additional reinforcement to the fabric may be provided in the body of the expansion joint and may be solid metal rings or wire embedded in the rubber.

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