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The most versatile elastomer, nitrile has excellent resistance to most petroleum products and fuels and can be compounded over a temperature range of -65°F to + 300°F. Nitrile compounds have excellent resistance to compression set or cold flow, tear and abrasion. They do not possess good resistance to ozone, sunlight or weathering.


Many designers are switching from Nitrile to Fluorocarbons due to the superior combination of compression set resistance, high temperature properties and broad chemical resistance. These compounds can be used from -20° to + 400°F with brief intermittent exposure to + 600°F.


Silicones possess excellent resistance to temperature extremes. Special silicone compounds are capable of either - 175°F flexibility or heat resistance to + 600 °F. Generally used in static seals due to their poor tear and abrasion resistance, silicone compounds are often used for sealing medical products, electrical apparatus or for continuous service in dry air up to 400°F.


Combines the good high and low temperature properties of silicone, but with much better resistance to a variety of fluids. Fluorosilicones are commonly used in aircraft fuel systems. Temperature range -80°F to + 350°F.


Excellent general purpose temperature range (-65°F to +300°F) elastomer with superior resistance to water, steam, alcohols, engine coolants, sunlight and weathering. FDA food grade and NSF 61 approved compounds are available. It has excellent resistance to Skydrol and other types of hydraulic fluids. Not recommended for use with petroleum oils or fuels.


Has the unique combination of resistance to weathering as well as resistance to petroleum lubricants over a temperature range from -65°F to +300°F, Neoprene also has good resistance to flexing and tear. Commonly used for refrigerant seals.


Perfluoroelastomer is the newest member of the fluorocarbon family of elastomers. It is resistant to a wide range of different chemicals including acetone, lacquers, and toluene. Seals & Packings handles the perfluorelastomer under the designation PF75. PF75 has a service temperature range of -15°F to +400°/450°F. Please call us for any additional information. We also manufature rubber packing for AIR FILTERS in sponge rubber/ soft rubber in shore hardness of 20-25 IRHD. These rings are mainly used for chemicals/Automobile units for their filteration purpose. We also manufacture various sizes of 'O' Rings and Seals for Heavy duty Hydraulic machines.

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