Rubber Anti Vibration Mounts


The rubber-metal Buffer are widely used construction devices for elastic bearings. They are used, among other things, as bearings for assemblies, motors, compressors, pumps and testing machines. Metal parts are galvanized steel, S.S.&elastomer, natural rubber, medium hardness, 55 Deg. Shore A.Rubber buffers can be built into machines and assemblies to cushion and absorb vibration.ation.

The silent block vibration mounts are ready to use for workshop machineries having motors and moving equipment and require some kind of buffers. They allow by there design a progressive absorption of energy, slowing the impacting object to a gradual stop. Ideal for use a progressive bump stops. Our buffers and anti vibration mountings are widely used in various industrial applications in automobile industry and related segments. Made from high grade rubber and other base materials that are procured from authenticated suppliers, our rubber buffers and anti vibration mountings are highly durable, precise in dimensions and resistant to heat and corrosion. Specifically designed as per standard quality parameters, these conical progressive stoppers are efficient in absorbing heavy vibration.

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